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I use a thermometer to be sure the water isn’t too hot or too cool. Dissolve the sugar and then add the yeast. Stir just to mix, then leave for15 minutes to get frothy. If you do this step in the mixer bowl, it will save a step.

Using a dough hook on your mixer, mix the flour into the yeast liquid one cup at a time. Add the olive oil, dried rosemary, and salt between flour additions. Once it’s all mixed, speed up to medium and let it knead for 5-6 minutes. If the dough is too sticky add more flour until it’s no longer sticky.

Cover the sides of a resting bowl with olive oil and add the dough ball. (The bowl needs to be big enough to allow the dough to double.) Drizzle oil over the dough, cover with plastic wrap and set in a warm location for 1-2 hours, until it’s doubled.

Cover a 9×13 pan with parchment paper and pour the dough into the pan. Spread it out to the edges and flatten it out. Put it back in the warm location for another 30-60 minutes (it seems to be a pretty flexible bread, so make it work for your time schedule).

When it’s ready for the oven take the round handle end of a wooden spoon and poke LOTS of holes in the bread. Stab it to the bottom of the pan over and over (this is a good stress reliever). Drizzle olive oil (yes more oil, that’s what makes it so good!) over the top of the bread. Then sprinkle the fresh rosemary needles and cheese over the top. This is also a great opportunity to use that fancy course salt you bought and have never used.

Bake at 400°F for 25-35 minutes – your want it to be golden brown. You should let it cool a bit before you serve it with more olive oil, pepper, and parmesan, but that’s hard to do. Enjoy!