Home of Wolfe Quilting

Hello World and welcome to Wolfe Quilting!

I provide long arm quilting services through Helios Stitches ’n Stuff in Mount Vernon Iowa. I also get to do the occasional leather work when I get custom requests from my Etsy shop or I have a wild hair to create more inventory.

I’ve had big plans for this site for a very long time. It’s time to do something and stop trying to plan life. My life (like most) has some aspects that can be planned and a lot that cannot. I have a husband, teenage son, dog (indoor), cat (outdoor), parents, in-laws, and a full time day-job that occasionally sends me on expected and unexpected travel. When I travel, I can’t quilt on my long arm.

All of life’s uncertainty makes it hard to fill my quilting schedule as full as I would like (under promise and over deliver is my motto!). Plus we like to take the occasional kayak trip (sort of like a few hours of mini vacation). Some day this will change:  I will retire from the day job and quilting will become my “day” job. Then travel and kayaking can be the weekend focus rather than trying to fit those in between client quilting jobs.

So, what will this site be? I’m not sure, yet. The site is evolving and it will become something, someday. Right now, it’s a bit of a mishmash of “things”. I like to teach, design, and share what I know, trying to be funny in the process. So, hopefully you will find some of these things and more on this site as it evolves.

Enjoy the journey,