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Marine T-Shirt Quilt

APRIL 18, 2017 BY KELLI Marine T-shirt Quilt A few weeks ago I had the honor of quilting a t-shirt quilt for a retiring US Marine. T-shirt quilts are my favorite thing to quilt; it’s like taking a brief walking through another persons life.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal

He was a part of several “explosive ordinance disposal” (EOD) units. Apparently that group’s motto is “one breath from death”. Just a little humbling to think he spent most of his career in that line of work for our country.

One Breath from Death

This t-shirt quilt caused me to do a lot of reflecting on what his life may have been like and I said more than one prayer of gratitude for his service. What an amazingly brave man he must be. And to survive 30 years in that field, he had to be very good at his job! Seems like he even “moonlighted” in that same line of work. Amazing.

Bomb Squad

Fun fact: He got one of the best Hard Rock Cafe T-shirts ever!

Best Hard Rock T-Shirt Ever!

What an amazing life this man has had and he’s seen a lot of the world. I was so honored to have contributed to this quilt.